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Where to Find Small Event Space in New York City and 3 Features to Look For

Even if you’re planning a small event, it’s a big deal.

There are guest lists to create, invitations to send, menus to plan, and decorations to consider. Depending on the event, you may have to think about drinks, entertainment, party favors, or music.

Most of all, one big question hangs in the air:

Where will you host your event in Midtown?

When you find your small event space in New York City, what services should you make sure are available before booking?

The answers to these questions (and more) are packed into this guide.

Location, Location, Location: Where Should You Book Small Event Space in New York City?

The location, unsurprisingly, is one of the major elements that should influence where you book your NYC event space.

How do you choose the right one?

1. Think About Parking

If parking is a nightmare for your guests, they’ll arrive at your event in a bad mood – not good.

Make things easy for them and figure out parking for your event.

  • For upscale events, consider hiring a valet service.
  • Check for parking garages or lots nearby that can accommodate guest parking.
  • If you can, reserve an area for guests to park their cars.
  • Cover your bases. Some guests won’t be driving in and might use public transportation. It wouldn’t hurt to recommend the best routes on your invitation.

2. Consider Out-of-Town Guests and Accommodations

If guests will be making special trips out of town just for your event, consider how you can accommodate them.

For example, holding your event at a hotel means your out-of-towners will have an obvious place to stay, plus the added bonus of convenience (no need to navigate a strange city to get to your party).

3. Look at the Surrounding Neighborhood

This one should be obvious, but lots of novice party planners miss it: Look at the surrounding location of the event venue you’re considering.

  • What restaurants and bars are nearby for party-goers who may want to gather for an after-party?
  • How close are train stations, bus stops, and other public transportation hubs?
  • Are there hotels nearby?
  • Guests who are traveling to the area will most likely appreciate nearby attractions and landmarks if they are able to lengthen their trip. Is the event venue close to any? (Be sure to jot this all down on your invitation as well.)

3 Features That Should Be Included with Your NYC Event Space

Location is everything, but your venue’s features come in a close second. In particular, look for these three main ones:

1. Different Event Spaces and Configurations to Choose From

An ideal small event space in New York City will have multiple options for different types of events. For example, if they have a few different party/event rooms to choose from of various sizes, that’s a great sign.

To choose the best size for your event, look for a space that will accommodate the maximum amount of guests you think could show up, according to The Balance.

Additionally, the hosting venue should give you options for set-up, décor, and event organization. They should let you know what furniture is included (meeting tables, banquet tables, chairs, etc.) and what you’ll need to rent.

2. Accommodations for Everything from Official Meetings to Fun Receptions

What types of events can the hosting venue accommodate?

Obviously, your event type needs to be on their list. However, you should check for amenities particular to your gathering, such as:

  • A/V equipment for business meetings
  • Catering options
  • A party planner or event organizer to help you pull everything together

3. Offers or Discounts

A great venue should work with you on price, and may even offer you a discount based on the size of your event or the type of gathering. To find out if any are available, remember to ask.

Small event space in NYC

Ready to Book Your Small Event Space in New York City?

Once you have your NYC event space figured out, you’re on your way to an amazing party or gathering.

Whether you’re planning a wedding reception or need a boardroom-like set-up, whether you want to hold a business lunch or plan a conference, keep these tips in mind for best results. You’ll choose the best event space for your needs – no problem.

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