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The Ultimate Window Display Tour NYC

New York City is well known for it’s over the top, jaw-dropping holiday displays. Many people travel from across the country during the holiday season just to spend days taking in these holiday-themed windows and light displays. Since there are so many lights but never enough time, we’ve put together some of the best holiday displays and the best way to get to them!

The Best Christmas Displays in New York

Macy’s Herald Square

The iconic Macy’s Herald Square lights are a great way to begin your tour of holiday lights in New York. While here, you’ll be able to see Macy’s Christmas window displays, this year’s theme revolves around various Broadway scenes, called “Believe in Wonder”. If you really want to feel the magic of Christmas, you have to check out Macy’s Santaland, a 13,000 square foot Christmas village. The snow-covered trees, and sparkling lights all lead to a visit with Santa himself. Reservations to sit on Santa’s lap have to be made in advance for the younger ones in your group! 

Tiffany & Co.

Next, you’ll want to swipe that metro card and head down to 5th avenue, home to some pretty killer shopping and even better holiday displays! Tiffany & Co. is home to more than just dazzling diamonds during the holiday seasons. This year’s display is featuring tiny porcelain mice pacing the iconic Tiffany blue boxes with pearl necklaces, and crystal glassware. Tiffany & Co. shows that holiday decorations can be tiny and intricate and still make quite the impact. 

Bergdorf Goodman

Just a one-minute walk from Tiffany & Co., you will find the iconic Bergdorf Goodman store. Bergdorf’s is well known for their gorgeous and sometimes off the wall, holiday window displays. The theme this year is “Bergdorf Good Times”, which features a fun and retro take on various games like musical chairs and psychedelic pinball. Here you won’t see the classic red and green that most people tie to Christmas, but rather pops of neon color, Italian mosaic tiles, bedazzled surfaces, and soft sculptures. You’ll surely want to stare at these intricate designs for hours! 


Just a short walk and you’ll arrive at Cartier, a luxury jewelry and accessories store. During the holidays, the store is engulfed in a giant, glowing, red bow that you can’t miss. In the windows of Cartier, you’ll be able to spot a fun flair on some traditional holiday décor, and of course, the iconic Cartier red boxes. 

Saks Fifth Avenue

Many argue that there isn’t a better holiday window display than that created by Saks. The store has been dazzling onlookers since 2003, providing over the top window displays. This year, the store windows are paying tribute to Disney’s “Frozen 2”. The light sows are set to various tunes from the movie, while Elsa takes a journey through the four elements of nature. If you wish to experience Frozen 2 even more, head inside to the ninth floor, where you can purchase a $5 ticket to see performances and photo-ops of all things Frozen. In the spirit of the giving season, all proceeds for immersive experience ticket sales go to New York-Presbyterian Children’s Hospital.