New York jacuzzi suite

3 Reasons to Get a New York Jacuzzi Suite, Plus Extra Tips for Your Big Apple Trip

You’re jetting off to New York City. Your itinerary is ready. You’ve already scoped out some amazing shops, restaurants, and attractions to visit, and you’ve saved your pennies for souvenirs.

You’re going to have a great trip for sure.

But, just one essential element is missing – you definitely need to book a jacuzzi suite to top off your vacation.

If you think it’s something you can do without, well, think again.

How Can a New York Jacuzzi Suite Make Your Trip Even Better?

If you think your trip to New York City is going to be great, good news – it could be fantastic – with a relaxing spa at the comfort of your own room.

Here are three reasons booking a Jacuzzi suite is something you’d definitely not regret doing:

1. Enjoy Your New York Jacuzzi Suite Like a Private Spa

Of course, you could book a spa anywhere while you’re in NYC. However, spas can get pretty expensive quickly.

Instead, why not give yourself the gift of your own private spa to return to at the end of each busy day? You’ll be able to sink into a steaming tub without stepping foot outside your suite. Plus, those pulsating jets will feel magical on your tired feet. That brings us to the next great reason a jacuzzi suite will make your trip extra amazing.

2. Soak Tired Muscles After a Long Day of Sightseeing

New York is one of the most walkable cities in the world. The diverse neighborhoods beg to be explored on foot so you don’t miss anything.

Of course, all that walking can take its toll on your feet, leg muscles, and even your lower back. You could even have to deal with delayed onset muscle soreness because your body is unused to so much walking.

To avoid any unnecessary pain, make sure to:

  • Pack sturdy, solid walking shoes with good arch support. (Don’t own any? Invest in gel inserts.)
  • Stop and take breaks often.
  • In-between jaunts, do some light stretching.

Finally, when you return to your hotel suite at night, take some long, indulgent baths in your in-room jacuzzi to wash away any remaining tension. According to Dr. Steven Rosenberg, soaking your feet in warm water helps relax the muscles and melt away stress.

3. Make Your Trip Feel Extra Luxurious with a Jacuzzi in Your Room

If you’re looking for luxury on your trip, there are a few ways to make that happen.

What will top it all off?

A Jacuzzi in your hotel room.

First, though, try these ideas on for size:

  • Visit all the big department stores, including Macy’s flagship store in Midtown. Pretend money is no object and add everything that catches your eye to your imaginary shopping cart.
  • Dedicate a portion of your travel budget to one big splurge – try a five-star restaurant or book a private tour of a major landmark (did you know you can see NYC by helicopter?).
  • Tour one of NYC’s many famous historic mansions to see how people lived it up in the olden days. For example, the Morris-Jumel Mansion was home to the wealthiest woman in New York until her death in 1865.
  • Finally, to complete your experience, return to your New York jacuzzi suite and luxuriate in your spa tub. (Go ahead, turn the jets on full-blast. Light some candles for ambiance. Finally, add a few drops of essential oil to your bath for a truly relaxing end to your evening – spa-style.)

As you can see, you don’t need to spend a fortune to enjoy a little bit of luxury on your vacation.

Bonus: Brag About Your New York Jacuzzi Suite When Your Vacation is Over

One of the best parts of booking a Jacuzzi suite is, undoubtedly, bragging about your amazing NYC experience when you return home.

You won’t tire of telling your friends and family all about how you relaxed in luxury on each night of your stay. They might get green with envy when you describe the zen-like state you’ve achieved after so much self-care and indulgence.

If this sounds amazing to you (and it should), it’s time to book your stay at a hotel with a Jacuzzi in every suite.

The Avalon Hotel fits that bill. Stay here and you’ll have the carefree, indulgent trip you’ve been dreaming about – jacuzzi included.